Marketing is a very broad term.

...and different businesses need very different things. So we have designed our range of marketing services to provide your business with the marketing support and services your business needs.

The work we do for clients falls into one or more of the following categories...

  • Marketing Planning/Advisory
  • Training/Coaching
  • Specific Marketing Services
  • Total Marketing Function

Marketing Planning/Advisory

If you want to put together a marketing plan or you are looking for general marketing advice. Our experience is that a 2hr meeting is the optimal timeframe for a marketing planning/advisory session.


If you need training or coaching in marketing generally or in particular areas of marketing, we have a range of affordable options, both face-to-face and 'remote', ie over the phone or video connection.

Specific Marketing Services

Sometimes a business has expertise in one area, but not in another, and needs very specific support. We are able to help you with (for example)...

Email Marketing

This includes for example setting up and sending a regular email update to your list/s; implementing tactics to encourage email signups; setting up email automation, ie a set number of emails sent out to someone once they sign up to your list; My Marketing Person recommends Mailchimp for email marketing (in fact we are Mailchimp 'Experts' - we're listed on the Mailchimp site), although we are familiar with many email marketing tools.

Content Marketing

This term covers the creation of content for a range of different purposes. Here are some common types of content we recommend to and/or create for clients...

  • blog posts
  • articles for a website/regular publication
  • email updates
  • social media posts (ie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram primarily)
  • client interviews
  • website copy
  • microcopy/slogans/tagline
  • media releases/backgrounders
  • special reports/guides (often given away in exchange for email signup)

The team at My Marketing Person has a huge amount of experience and expertise in writing content in a range of industry sectors, including medical, professional, technical, online sales, finance, consulting, retail... and many more. Feel free to ask us!

social media marketing

See above. It's all part of the same thing, although each platform does require a different approach.

online advertising

The two primary online advertising tools at the moment are...

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook advertising

Instagram is also becoming an important advertising medium in some business sectors. All of these advertising options offer incredibly powerful targeting (eg remarketing/retargeting; custom audiences; lookalike audiences; psychodemographic profiling), however the key to success is experimenting (initially at low cost) with a range of advertising options to determine which are producing the desired results.

Total Marketing Function

As the term implies, this is a complete marketing function based on one simple and low monthly fee that operates on a month to month arrangement. As well as the digital marketing covered above, it also all other (non-digital) marketing, such as...

  • print mailouts (copy/design/fulfilment)
  • merchandise giveaways
  • promotions/competitions
  • publicity/PR/publicity 'stunts'

And in the event that you need something different, please give us a call on 07 3103 3403.


Whatever works for you, works for us.