Why every business needs a marketing person.


Business has only two functions - marketing and innovation.
— Milan Kundera

A good product (or service) is not enough, if nobody knows about it. Marketing is what bridges that gap, is what helps the sales process begin.



Marketing is a critical function of business, but many early/mid stage businesses do not have a marketing person. Or, more accurately, they do - it’s the business founder. And if that person does not have a marketing background, they must be prepared to upskill very quickly, or get help.

 A good marketing person* can help a business to...

  • Correctly identify those people most likely to want or need the product

  • Devise strategies to get the product in front of these people

  • Deploy a variety of approaches and continually improve these to make more sales and/or lower the cost of making each sale

  • Continually monitor the effectiveness of marketing strategies and make changes where necessary

  • Think 'outside the box' when determining suitable strategies


Your Options

If a business determines that it needs more marketing expertise or simply more marketing activity, what are its options?

1) Employ a marketing manager

  • Advantages: dedicated resource

  • Disadvantages: cost ($75-125K per annum salary + on costs); long term employment commitment

2) Train up an existing team member/business founder

  • Advantages: less expensive than employing dedicated marketing person; familiarity with business

  • Disadvantages: takes person away from original role (replacement cost); lack of marketing experience; training costs

3) Get a business coach

  • Advantages: less expensive that options above; external viewpoint/independent advice; generally good business experience

  • Disadvantages: cost (generally >$2K per month); business coach does not implement (internal resource still required)

4) Get an external specialist agency

  • Advantages: are experts in their field; implement marketing activity on your behalf

  • Disadvantages: most agencies specialise in one field only eg SEO, advertising, web design, PR and in practice many businesses can only afford to engage one of these agencies (marketing is most effective when it is across all fields). Plus that agency is unlikely to recommend any marketing strategies outside their area of expertise

5) Engage My Marketing Person

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How It Works

When you engage My Marketing Person, you choose the marketing assistance you need. This could be...

  • Assistance with marketing planning

  • Ongoing marketing consulting/coaching

  • Training (for business founder or team members) in marketing generally or with specific marketing tools

  • Help with specific aspects of marketing (eg content creation, SEO, advertising, email marketing, social media, PR)

  • Provision of total marketing function

And as your business grows, you can change the type of assistance you need. My Marketing Person can even help the business identify and hire a suitable marketing manager when the time comes.

The programs listed here are the most common/popular services we provide to our clients, however, if your need something different again, please let us know!


Total Marketing Function



Your Marketing DEPT

This is the most comprehensive program offered by My Marketing Person. It offers the complete marketing function for larger businesses on a month-to-month basis. It includes all of the marketing services of the Your Marketing Person program (below) and includes weekly onsite meetings with the client (currently available in the greater Brisbane area only).



Your Marketing Person

Your Marketing Person

(our most popular program)

As the term implies, this is a complete marketing function based on one simple and low monthly fee that operates on a month-to-month arrangement. As well as all the marketing services outlined below on this page, the Your Marketing Person program also includes other marketing tools, such as...

  • print mailouts (copy/design/fulfilment)

  • merchandise giveaways

  • promotions/competitions

  • joint ventures


Marketing Planning/Advisory

meeting pexels_320.jpg

If you want to put together a marketing plan or you are looking for general marketing advice. Our experience is that a 2hr meeting is the optimal timeframe for a marketing planning/advisory session.

Marketing Training

classroom pexels w150.jpeg

If you need training in marketing generally, or in particular areas of marketing, we offer both face-to-face and 'remote' (ie over the phone or a video connection) training. Again the optimum timeframe in our experience is a 2hr one-on-one 'hands on' training session. Training given in...

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Management Systems (especially Wordpress)

  • Social Media For Business

  • Content Creation

  • Publicity

  • Online Advertising

  • General Principles of Marketing

Specific Marketing Services

leicester square pexels_w320 square.jpg

My Marketing Person offers the following marketing services...


Email Marketing

This includes for example setting up and sending a regular email update to your list/s; implementing tactics to encourage email signups; setting up email automation, ie a set number of emails sent out to someone once they sign up to your list; My Marketing Person recommends Mailchimp for email marketing, although we are familiar with many email marketing tools.


Content Marketing

This term covers the creation of content for a range of different purposes. Here are some common types of content we recommend to, and/or create for clients...

  • blog posts

  • articles for a website/regular publication

  • email updates

  • social media posts (ie Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram primarily)

  • client interviews

  • website copy

  • microcopy/slogans/taglines

  • media releases/backgrounders

  • special reports/guides (often given away in exchange for email signup)

The team at My Marketing Person has a huge amount of experience and expertise in writing content in a range of industry sectors, including medical, professional, technical, online sales, finance, consulting, retail... and many more. Feel free to ask us!


social media marketing

See above. It's all part of the same thing, although each platform requires a different approach.


online advertising

The two primary online advertising tools at the moment are...

  • Google AdWords

  • Facebook advertising

Instagram is also becoming an important advertising medium in some business sectors. All of these advertising options offer incredibly powerful targeting (eg remarketing/retargeting; custom audiences; lookalike audiences; psychodemographic profiling), however the key to success is experimenting (initially at low cost) with a range of advertising options to determine which are producing the desired results, and then ramping up successful campaign approaches.



Publicity is a much misunderstood and - consequently - underused marketing tool. However, in conjunction with other marketing tools, it can be very powerful. The My Marketing Person team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in publicity, and has achieved millions of dollars worth of media coverage for clients over the years.

Marketing Support/Coaching For Startup/SOHO Businesses

coach pexels_w320.jpeg

Startup and SOHO (Small Office Home Office) businesses generally do not have enough resources to undertake big marketing projects.

However there are plenty of opportunities to 'guerilla market' at low cost - it's just a question of knowing how to do it!

At My Marketing Person we have thought long and hard about putting together a program especially for smaller businesses to help them get their marketing together and get it working well... on a small budget.

That's why we have put together the S-SOHO program. Here's how the S-SOHO program works...

  • Only open to (non-funded) startups and SOHO businesses with no more than three team members

  • Three month project

  • Telephone and email-based support only (including video meetings using eg Skype/Facetime/Zoom/Google Hangouts)

  • Weekly coaching/support calls for the first month; fortnightly thereafter (weekly for final two weeks)

  • Formulate plan and keep to the plan over project period

  • If any additional My Marketing Person services needed during the project, they can be accessed at special discounted (40% off) rates, if booked/paid during project

Many startup and SOHO businesses are held back by a lack of time and/or money and in some instances specialist expertise - and the lack of a plan or anyone to hold them accountable to that plan. Marketing is critical to the success of any business, especially S-SOHO businesses. That's why they need a marketing coach.


These are a few of the standard services we offer to our clients. However, if your needs are different, please give us a call. If we can help you in any way, we will.


Whatever works for you, works for us.

*someone with deep practical experience of all aspects of marketing across a range of industry sectors