It's school holidays!

Monday Marketing Minute

The roads are a little quieter and everyone - well parents of school age children anyway - breathes a sigh of relief. A lot of people of course go away, but by no means everyone.

Much like Christmas and Easter, there's a temptation to stop communicating during holiday periods and wait for everything to crank up afterwards. But there are a few reasons who you might want to reconsider this approach...

  1. Even people who are working recognise what can be a quieter time and sometimes get around to looking into some of their 'non-essential' items. This could include your communications which they might have mentally made a note to come back to when they had the chance.

  2. Many people who are away on holiday still check their inboxes - and sometimes have more time to look at these 'non essential' items.

  3. The business media work through holiday periods but often can't get hold of the CEO's of big companies as they are also away. This means they can sometimes be hunting around for stories at these times - good for you if you're looking to get media coverage.

  4. On a smaller scale some businesspeople regard school holidays as a form of 'natural break', not quite as big but a little like Christmas/New Year, and their minds are more open to new ideas and new approaches at this time.

What are your experiences? Do you agree? Or do you have a different viewpoint?