Do a Donald Trump. Use the power of social media targeting.

I saw an episode of Shark Tank recently where the business gunning for funding, when asked what advertising they had done said 'none, it's all been organic social media'.

The sharks appeared dumbfounded, until they saw what had gone viral. And it was truly something that deserved to go viral. But - unless you're willing to do something whacky - this sort of viral reach is highly unlikely (let's talk about publicity stunts another time).

So the alternative is paying for the eyeballs. The good news is that both Google and Facebook have got some incredibly powerful tools you can use to get your message in front of the right people. Ask Donald Trump.

In fact, the fallout from that particular election and the passing of the GDPR law in the European Union are likely to make advertising on Facebook and on social media in general a little more difficult in the future. But right now you can...

  • Upload all of your client details into Facebook and advertise to just them
  • Ask Facebook to look at your current clients and create a 'lookalike' audience, in other words find 'clones' of your clients - the perfect 'perfect client finder' tool
  • Follow people who have visited your website around the internet (or around Facebook) with Google remarketing and/or with a Facebook pixel

So do it.


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