Email. Still Works.

Monday Marketing Minute

Of course it does. The world still revolves around email. This is not to say that all the newer channels are not important - it's not a competition.

Most businesses should be active in email AND social media. The thing about all these different channels is they work most effectively together.

A project I run used to be entirely dependent on email to drive people to the content we wanted them to see and take the actions we wanted them to take. Now email accounts for around half of that traffic. Facebook provides the other half.

We'd only get half the results if we'd canned the emails. And the Staples experience in Canada (apologies if I've already told you about this, but it's important) showed that print PLUS digital - so two channels together - was SIX TIMES more effective than one channel only.

This is a powerful argument for making each communication with your clients and future clients a 'campaign' across all available channels.

And don't take it from me. It's always worth at least testing a new channel, whether it's really a new one or actually an old one. Anyone seen the Facebook TV ad recently?