Not. Just. Digital.

Monday Marketing Minute

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by Australia Post to say this.

Something funny happened to the My Marketing Person PO box a couple of years ago. It started looking decidedly empty, almost immediately after Christmas.

Seemingly all of those businesses that used to regularly send direct mail had decided to stop, you'd assume focusing all their efforts on digital marketing.

But I can't remember seeing any of their ads popping up on Google or Facebook since.

Yes, print is more expensive than digital, but, as long as you analyse the effectiveness of a print campaign, and run a small one (so don't bet the farm), it can be very effective.

Here are a few reasons you should consider print...

  • there's not much competition in the postbox these days
  • you're not governed by the rules on spam email
  • you can actually send something physical at the same time (the revenge of analog)

And you can still test a print campaign the same way you can with a Google or Facebook ad campaign.

Just create two or three pieces and see which one works best (normally there'll be a winner). Then use that one next time, and test it against some new copy.

Readers Digest built an empire doing this.

PS we did this recently with a client and it worked surprisingly well.

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