Make it easy for your clients to do business with you

There's an aspect of marketing that is somewhat overlooked - how people can pay you.

Walk around any shopping centre at the weekend and you'll come across a number of charity popups and stalls asking for a donation or wanting to sell you something in aid of their cause. With the exception of the (very well prepared) representatives of a few of the major charities who want you to sign up to a monthly donation, the vast majority of charity stalls are woefully unprepared for the realities of modern shopping.

I, like I'm sure many other people, rarely carry any cash. Almost all transactions are on a card and most of these are on payWave* - tap and go. I've also recently added Apple Pay on my phone (although have yet to use it).

By not being able to accept any form of payment other than cash, charity stalls are missing out big time - I'm sure revenue for these stalls has gone down as a result of this. For around $60 you can get a Square** contactless card reader which you plug into your phone or tablet, and then you can accept card donations and pay a small (around 2%) transaction fee.

And the same is of course true of any business - as a general rule the more restricted your payment options the more likely you will miss out on some business - especially where small impulse purchases are involved.

Research from a few years ago highlighted differences in consumer behaviour when using cards instead of cash - all of which benefit the merchant - a willingness to spend more money is one of them (more info here - Does It Matter Whether You Pay With Cash Or A Credit Card?). And certainly in terms of convenience it's a lot easier to 'tap and go' than to dig around for cash and then wait for change.

Any business with an online presence must have some form of shopping cart, even if it is just a range of PayPal 'Buy Now' buttons. As with offline shopping, the smallest of things can upset the buying process and lead to the dreaded 'abandoned shopping cart', which is why larger online merchants put a lot of effort into making the customer experience (or User Experience / UX or 'customer journey') as seamless as possible.

So our advice is to make the buying process as smooth as possible by accepting as many forms of payment as you can.

FYI My Marketing Person currently accepts payment in...

  • cash
  • cheque
  • direct bank transfer
  • BPAY
  • credit card
  • cryptocurrency

In fact we recently accepted our very first payment in Bitcoin, and currently accept payment in Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum as well! More on this soon.

*payWave is technically the contactless payment method offered by Visa

**we have no affiliation with Square - the same contactless readers are offered by PayPal and most of the major banks; they are a lot less expensive than merchant accounts used to be