The Content Marketing 'Virtuous Circle'

This is what might be regarded as a 'quick and dirty' article.

I gave a talk at Click! 2017 last week on content marketing and threw this diagram up on the screen to illustrate how you can run a content marketing strategy and keep it rolling around.

I have referred to this before and call it the 'virtuous circle' of content marketing.



Virtuous Circle.png

The key takeaways are...

  1. You have a lot of stuff to share with other people. If you write it for the right people - your 'perfect clients' then people will find it useful and interesting, plus it demonstrates your expertise.
  2. Schedule doing blog posts into your diary - once a month is a good minimum to try to hit. Blog posts are 'long form' written content - well at least in comparison to social media posts - and you can then link to them from posts on social media eg Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
  3. Send out an email to your list letting them know you have just posted a new article up (conversational style is best).
  4. See how people are reacting to your blog post - look at email open rates, click-throughs, comments and reach on social media - this can inform what you might want to write about/talk about next time you write a blog post.
  5. If something goes off - huge engagement etc, do two things - mention how popular the topic/item was next time AND approach relevant media outlets and let them know how popular the item has been.
  6. If this works, you will get media coverage. Guess what? This is more news for your blog.

And the virtuous circle continues...

PS this post is under 300 words and took about 8 minutes to write - this shouldn't take long!