Why choose My Marketing Person?

In a nutshell

  • Way less than the cost of a full time (or even part time) marketing person
  • No employee overhead (office space, vehicle etc)
  • One contact for all marketing = unified marketing approach
  • Punch well above your weight - experienced senior marketing people with a range of skillsets helping and advising you
  • Choose level of support you need (and change this from time to time if you need to)
  • You have an independent sounding board for all things marketing
  • Access to cutting edge proprietary marketing effectiveness measurement tools

The whole enchilada

It's not easy for a business owner to work out who to turn to for marketing advice and assistance.

A business coach? Web designer? Advertising agency? SEO consultant? Or maybe a PR agency? Or perhaps a social media person?

Take them all on and you'll soon have a very hefty bill. Take on only one and your marketing will be heavily skewed to that one's view of the world.

Imagine you choose an advertising agency. They exist to advertise, so you'd better have an advertising budget, even if advertising may not be the best strategy for your business right now (or maybe ever).

Even if you choose to work with two or more agencies, will they work well together? They will each have their own world view and you can guarantee it won't be exactly the same.

You then end up with all the various marketing functions in their own silos operating completely independently (and perhaps even against each other) and still paying two or three agencies to fight with each other over who gets more of your budget.

You could engage a business coach. Business coaches can be a great asset to a business. They are a great source of advice and encouragement, but they don't actually do the work for you. You still have to retain external consultants and agencies to get the work done.

My Marketing Person is a new and different approach to this problem. We assess your current marketing, advise on strategy - across all marketing options - and execute. If you ask us to.

The team at My Marketing Person comprises a number of very experienced marketing consultants in their different fields (see them all here). All equals.

Every single My Marketing Person client has access to the combined expertise of the team, whether this is at the initial marketing report stage, or at the coaching stage or at the full campaign execution phase.

And all clients benefit hugely from our cross-disciplinary approach, all for an equivalent cost of taking on just one of the traditional specialist agencies. Or quite possibly substantially less.

This is the new approach to marketing services, and it's coming to a business near you.