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You choose as little or as much as you need.


Businesses without a dedicated marketing person (and plenty of those who do) often relegate the marketing of their product or service to second, third or fourth place behind operations, finance, HR, you name it. Truth is, a business without marketing is like a yacht without sails. It won't go anywhere, or, if it does it'll just be drifting. Slowly.

Marketing is a process and works best when many different strategies work together. Online, offline, joint ventures, publicity, direct mail, video, SEO, content marketing, games, competitions, events, pricing, exhibitions, the list goes on. Successful businesses test and measure different approaches, tweak and refine and try new things all the time.

If you don't have a marketing person, then by definition you are it. If marketing is not your strong suit, you need to upskill quickly, or get somebody in to help you, or do it all for you. Whichever path you choose, My Marketing Person can help. Maybe turn around your business.


You can do one of six things about your marketing...


1) Nothing.


2) DIY.

Do it yourself. Self explanatory. Cost $0 (inc GST). Apart from (possible) lost opportunity, of course.

3) Flesh out the plan.

We meet face-to-face, preferably at your place, to flesh out the plan we detailed. We discuss ideas and approaches together with you and create a detailed marketing strategy plan and calendar. This is generally a 2-3 hour session + detailed report. Cost $825 (inc GST) + travel costs (or via videolink).

4) Coaching.

It may be that you just need some marketing support and guidance on an ongoing basis. Weekly 45min phone conference. Week-to-week. Cost $115 (inc GST) per week in advance via credit card. Keep it going as long as you feel you need to, cancel when you're good to go.

5) The whole nine yards... all of the above + implementation.

You ask us to run the marketing for your business. Holus bolus. Cost? Can't say without more info (we'll quote you).

6) Employ a Marketing Manager.

If you have the budget and the commitment AND you find the right person for the job, this is the best option.


Whatever works for you, works for us.